How You Can Support Wake Up Carolina Programs

Dear Friends,

Your generous donations of money and time are the gifts that sustain our Missions! Since we started WakeUp Carolina in 2016, many South Carolinians have given generously to our General Fund and we’ve used that money to establish a durable, operating foundation beneath our four Missional Pillars—Awareness, Education, Prevention, and Recovery.

Over the coming weeks, we will introduce specific operating Programs to accomplish each of these Missions. When that happens, our Fundraising appeal will take on a very different, and, we hope, more personal character for the many people who sustain our work. We understand that your kindness reflects a personal desire to actually do something about substance abuse in our communities.

And so, wherever we can, we will offer opportunities for your voluntary gifts and pledges to buy the outcomes you’d like to see in the world.

How would this work?

Well, for example, as we roll out our Programs, we might empower you to pay for a single Narcan kit to be donated to a local school, or to raise a team of neighbors or coworkers to conduct a local Take Back Event in your own community. Practical steps. Obvious outcomes. Wherever possible, we want to connect your generosity to specific acts of compassion.

Our accountant insisted we remind you that—make no mistake—we will always need new unrestricted contributions to WakeUp Carolina’s General Fund! But, as we stand up a mighty Movement, we believe that we can do better—better for our stated purpose as a nonprofit organization and better for YOU—by showing you how your gifts will change the world.

So, watch this page as we add new appeals to support individual Programs! If you’d like to help today, our Take Back Carolina initiative is available first. Won’t you consider helping?


Co-Founder & Executive Director

WakeUp Carolina

Support Take Back Carolina

Your gift to Take Back Carolina enables local groups like nurses, school teachers, and business, civic or fraternal organizations to organize prescription drug Take Back Events in their own communities. A tax-exempt gift of $2,000.00 covers the costs of one event, but we’re empowering supporters like you to contribute smaller amounts by teaming up for your own Take Back project.