We Are a Movement

We are a movement of South Carolinians who have joined our efforts to fight substance abuse, the terrible scourge that is ravaging our cities and destroying our families. We have witnessed too many senseless deaths, crimes, and overdoses of our children and neighbors. We know that the problem is only getting started and will become worse if we don’t take action. We are a movement resolved to end substance abuse in our communities and we are growing in numbers.

The Values We Bring

Our battle will not be won easily and we know that we will be tested. Therefore, we have adopted a Code of Values that will provide our volunteers and supporters with clarity and strength when things appear darkest.

  • Our community comes first, we speak its language, and we understand the problem of substance abuse within it.
  • The results of our efforts are effective and measurable.
  • We operate in with exigence in an environment of honesty, openness, respectfulness, compassion, and fearlessness in the face of a killer.
  • Our focus is on prevention from birth to early adulthood.
  • Our people are volunteers, driven by altruism and rewarded by our positive impact in the community.
  • We provide effective tools, resources, and referrals for awareness, education, prevention, intervention, and coping.
Our Team

Nanci Steadman Shipman

Founding Board Member, Executive Director

Lisa Mitchell

Founding Board Member, Director Community Relations


Lou Winoski

Board Chairman

Jason Sandoval, Charleston Resident Agent, DEA

Advisory Board Member

Julie Lawrence, Pharm.D., BPCS

Member, Prevention Pedestal Lead

WakeUp Carolina Board & Advisors Mary Van Connors-11

Mary Van Connors

Advisory Board Member, Treasurer

Kevin Downs, Certified Intervention Counselor

Advisory Board Member

Sam Connelly Wells, Certified Interventionist & Recovery Coach

Advisory Board Member

WakeUp Carolina Board & Advisors Lynn Cobb-4

Lynn Cobb

Advisory Board Member

Alex Robinson

Advisory Board Member

WakeUp Carolina Board & Advisors Rosalind Banks-8

Rosalind Banks

Advisory Board Member

WakeUp Carolina Board & Advisors Cindy Bohn Coats-3

Cindy Bohn Coats

Advisory Board Member

Allison Hartnett

Advisory Board Member


Mark Mitchell

Advisory Board Member


Jacki Powers

Advisory Board Member